Quimera Energy

Quimera Energy reduces Energy Consumption, Utility Costs & Carbon Emissions. We deliver bespoke programmes to assist buildings reach net zero targets.

Quimera Energy deploys its own software programmes utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology to reduce energy demand and increase the efficiency of energy supply to buildings creating the ultimate Smart building - and all at zero cost to our clients.

Client: Quimera Energy

Project Link: QuimeraEnergy.com


Quimera Energy's main purpose is to reduce energy and carbon emissions for high-rise buildings, hotels, malls, hospitals... This new website and rebranding is not only informational but a way for potential clients of Quimera to see in more depth what solutions and services they have to offer to improve energy efficiency.


UX, Wireframing, Rebranding, Design and build, Fully responsive, Software development.


The brief was to rebrand the whole company with a new look that would be more recognisable in the energy efficiency world. The website content had to be strategically placed section by section on one long page as the information was quite complex. It needed to be a continuous flow to be understood clearly hence why we avoided loading new pages for each section.

The design was based on the principle of what we perceived energy to look like, such as curved rounded shapes that would complement the content's structure and page flow as the user scrolls. All the sections were designed carefully after spending time with the client so we understood exactly what needed to be achieved and what was expected of us.


We delivered a premium rebranding and a functioning site that is not just an average boring template that you can see from platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace and others. Everything from the design to the build was original and developed from the ground up. We look forward to seeing the brand grow over the next few years. More importantly it was a pleasure working on a project where the client's services are to better the environment and world we live in.

We look forward to working on this brand again very soon.

  • Project & Client management
  • Creative direction
  • Sofware development
  • Rebranding, Logo design
  • UX / Wireframing & A/B testing
  • Site Design & development
  • Deployment to servers
  • Social media setup and integration

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